Winter Food and Event Trends

Winter Food and Event Trends

Undoubtedly, the best part of the colder season is the food. Make this the best winter yet by serving up shareable food that everyone will enjoy. The trends this season are all about keeping your guests happy and feeling like they’re at home. From cocktail parties to small group gatherings, we’re highlighting traditional foods with a twist. Ring in the season with share boards, s’mores or cheesy treats and take your guests on a food adventure that will have them celebrating in more ways than one!

Share Boards Bring Guests Together

If there’s one thing we love about events is how it brings people together to share a delicious, hearty meal. Whether you’re serving 10 or 200 guests, share boards have something for everyone. Share boards used to be made up of a variety of cheeses, olives and crackers; however they have been reimagined to display a complete meal that everyone (even your vegan friends) can enjoy. They’re not only easier to put together rather than creating individualized meals, but they also make sharing a meal that much more meaningful.

Share boards provide an opportunity to feature a wide variety of foods in a visually appealing way, while also leaving your guests feeling full and happy. A share board is a revamped version of a charcuterie board (which is essentially a meat and cheese board). It can be re-filled throughout the event with a variety of options, leaving your guests surprised every time it’s filled. The opportunities for a delectable shareable feast are endless!

Fresh Take on Comfort Classic

Classic foods and comfort dishes are making a comeback. Mac and cheese and grilled cheese are no longer just something you make at home for the kids. These classic comfort dishes are being creatively served at just about any event.

This winter, events are paying homage to everyone’s favorite homemade dishes. Imagine a sort of upscaled grilled cheese made of gruyere and white cheddar cheese, herbed caramelized onions and paired with a glass of your favorite wine. This is the time to get creative with flatbread pizza, mac and cheese, pasta and casseroles. There’s no better time to make your guests feel like they’re at home than when it’s cold out.

Cheesy Raclette Stations

Everyone’s dream of having perfectly slightly warmed and melted cheese scraped in front of them may soon come true. Cheese raclette stations are no longer only being featured in fancy restaurants, they’re now the perfect addition to any event. Traditionally, the cheese would be spread over potatoes; however, now it’s being used on many more dishes. You can spread the melted cheese on meats, artisan breads and crostinis, and just about anything else that you can think of.

Whether you want to have a beautiful cheese display or have a caterer walk around serving the cheese to your guests for an even more personal interaction, both options are highly interactive and will create a memorable food experience.

Indoor S’mores: Interactive, Fun & Delicious

No matter how full you are, there’s always room for dessert, especially if there are s’mores. Traditionally, s’mores are a snack you enjoy as you warm up by the campfire during summertime but now, they are being featured indoors. Having an indoor s’mores station is just one more engaging food experience for your guests to enjoy.

There are a variety of ways that you can set up a s’mores station and it all depends on the type of even you’re hosting. You can have your caterer flame toast s’mores after the guests have picked out which chocolate they want or you can have a station set up so they can do it on their own over an indoor flame (e.g. using sternos). Either way you choose, it’s a fun and interactive twist to an all-time favorite dessert. So, grab your graham crackers, marshmallows and your favorite chocolates and get toastin’!

During these chilly days and nights, there’s always a reason to celebrate. It takes something as simple as a meal to stay connected with friends, family and coworkers. Whether it’s a small reunion or a corporate lunch, breaking bread brings people together.

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