We Are Family

It’s likely that the Midwestern values that MaryBeth Smith brings to Roundabout are at the core of the company. MaryBeth is the heart of operations at both Roundabout Catering and Roundabout Grill – and the reason why she and Chef Colin Smith have had a dedicated, committed and inspired team working with them for so long.

Several employees have been with the Smiths since the beginning, from the days when they ran Roundabout Bistro in Somersett. It is a testament to the environment they work in. The Smiths have always believed that investing in a team members’ professional and personal development is the reason why there is a positive workplace.

Last year, the company started their health benefits program, and now offers eligible employees with health and dental insurance as well as paid time off. At the Catering facility in Sparks, the team eats lunch together every day.

“The way they treat their employees is like family,” said Cristi, a team member for three years, who supervises the morning shift at Roundabout Grill. “They genuinely care about you and your life. I have seen it firsthand with an employee who had some trouble – they went above and beyond to help. The respect that they show to each other trickles down to showing respect to the staff.” 

MaryBeth and Colin have helped people transition from restitution centers into a steady job. It’s not uncommon for them to provide practical guidance to those – by helping planning their finances, finding them places to live and assisting with the challenging transition into normal every day, productive lives.

“The Smiths create a familial work atmosphere of breaking bread together, working hard together and sharing when home life needs a little more TLC than work life for a bit,” said Brooke, Roundabout’s Gym Rat and Caveman Foods manager.

“We have so many families who depend on us that we want to make sure they are taken care of,” said MaryBeth. It seems so simple, yet the Smiths’ set this example daily for their team. These values are the reason why Roundabout continues to thrive.

Roundabout Catering & Party Rentals was a finalist in the 2016 Nevada Business Family Owned Business Awards.