As Seen on Fox 11: Awesome Kitchen Hacks!

In this segment with Melissa Carlson of Fox 11 Reno, Chef Colin shares some awesome kitchen hacks.

  • When you’re cooking pasta, put a wooden spoon across the pot, so it doesn’t boil over
  • If you put a whisk in your soup, the soup won’t burn or bubble over
  • Put an apple on a drill and peel the apple!
  • Cut a bell pepper on 4 sides only — the whole stem and seeds get thrown away
  • Avocado — put it sideways and twist it around as you cut it, pop it open, take your knife into seed and turn it; out pops the seed
  • Use your lemon zester as your strainer so you don’t get the seeds in your dish
  • With asparagus, bend it and it’ll break. Use that part for soup.