Recipe: Chef Colin's Ridiculously Good Chicken Piccata

Here it is. Chef Colin’s famed chicken piccata recipe especially for you.
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Preparation Time 35 min

Chicken Breast Preparation
4 6oz Mary’s Organic Chicken Breast
4 eggs
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup clarified butter

Beurre Blanc for Chicken
2 each lemons and zest
1 tablespoon chopped italian parsley
1 tablespoon shallot
4 each peppercorns – crushed slightly
1 cup white wine
1 each bay leaf
6 ounces butter
1 tablespoon capers
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons heavy cream

Mashed Potatoes
2 pounds russet potatoes
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons butter

Vegetable Garnish
1 cup fresh chopped leeks
4 ears white & yellow corn cut off hush
1 teaspoon fresh tarragon
1 tablespoon chopped italian parsley
2 tablespoons butter

Butterfly chicken breast and pound slightly to 3/8 ‘ thick

Whisk together eggs and set aside, season flour with salt/pepper

Place chicken breast in flour and dust lightly then shake off all excess flour and drop in egg bath repeat with all four chicken breast

Heat skillet on high and place clarified butter in pan and wait till it whisps (add the chicken breast one at a time) cook for 45 seconds and flip over then place pan in oven for 4 minutes at 400 degrees

Place peeled and diced russet potatoes in boiling salted water and cook until tender/ drain for 4 minutes and then put through ricer

Heat 1/2 cup cream and 2 tablespoons of butter up and simmer then add to riced potatoes and stir- season with salt/pepper

Place leeks in 2 tablespoons butter and saute for 3 minutes then add corn and tarragon with parsley cook additional 3 minutes or until corn caramelizes and becomes sweet season with salt/pepper

Reduce wine, peppercorns, minced shallot and bay leaf until there is only 11/2 tablespoon liquid left, then add 2 tablespoons heavy cream and reduce by 1/3. Then whisk in room temperature butter and zest form 2 lemons, and 1 tablespoons capers and 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Place corn and leeks at 4 o’clock and pipe mashed potatoes out of pastry bag with figure 8 design at 11 o’clock, then place chicken breast between both, slightly covering both. Sauce with beurre blanc and garnish with italian parsley that has been fried and salted.