The Cherry on Top of Your Event - Party Rentals in Reno


There are so many components that pull a party or celebration into a memorable event. First and foremost you need an occasion, then the right guest list, a suitable location, great food, and lastly an ambience that suits it all. The newest leg to our business has been the addition of a party line of service with a substantial and evolving inventory.

Planning a memorable event is a somewhat stressful feat in itself and when having to coordinate between multiple vendors it makes things even more difficult and can cause miscommunications. As a catering company we recognized a need in our clients and sought an opportunity to fill in the gap.

Now with the ability to provide top-quality catering services as well as functionally and aesthetically decorating with our full inventory of party rentals, we are sure that the execution of your event will be simpler and beyond memorable.

Moving from Wedding Season Into Holiday Party Season

With this expansion we wanted make a few things clear to our new customers:

1. Our clients have carte blanche to utilize one, all, or multiple lines of our services.

OutdoorsWooded_PartyRentals2Maybe you have an event that will not require food at it so you are only in need of tables, chairs, and possibly linens or table decoration. That’s fine. Maybe Thanksgiving dinner is at your house this year but too many in-laws have RSVP’d for you to seat them all, call us for extra tables and chairs.

On the flips side, if you want to plan an event and do little more than conduct the show and enjoy yourself, we can turn any venue into a fully functioning space. Fill it with tables and chairs, decorate according to your vision, erect a bar and even a kitchen if necessary, and provide professional attentive staff.

2. We have moved locations!

In order to fully integrate all areas of our business we have moved both catering and party rentals into one central location. We have moved out of the event centre location on Mae Anne and out of the party rental center on Louie Lane.

Roundabout now lives at 631 Dunn Circle, Sparks, NV 89431.

With our expanded resources and knowledge of the event planning industry you can trust that we will make your event, whatever the occasion, unforgettable. If you have question about what we have to offer head on over to our party rental gallery and get a little sneak peak of some of our more basic inventory.

To book Roundabout Catering & Party Rentals for your next event, please call 775-747-2090. Located in Sparks, we serve Reno, Lake Tahoe and surrounding communities.