Manzanita Glow Brings Natural Ambiance Anywhere

An elegant wedding or successful corporate event is typically composed of a symphony of collaborators behind the scenes who bring the party to life. Roundabout Catering has the privilege of working with top-notch partners, one of which is Manzanita Glow, a very unique rental company that utilizes the natural beauty of the Manzanita to beautifully style any event.

Optimized-Jacobs Family Berry Farm Barn

Emily Williams started the company four years ago, bringing her background in interior design, color, art and doing wedding hair to an industry that was fairly new to her. She found a path to sustainably harvest the Manzanita and became a resource to brides-to-be, event planners, caterers and florists alike.

“I fell in love with this beautiful branch,” said Emily. “We can design pieces that are anywhere from 3-feet to 15-feet. We can go big. We do arches, screens, and trees. My hashtag is #frametheevent.”

For events such as Yelp’s International Supper Club, Knights of the Roundabout Table, Manzanita Glow displayed beautiful branches that brought a whole new level of medieval and renaissance elegance to the event. Roundabout Catering made the event shine by serving guests with a feast, with a menu that consisted of hand pies, smoked pig, roasted turkey legs and Yorkshire pudding, all served in a way fit for the king and queen.Manzanita Line Drawing

“I have found stylish ways to fill corners and hide spaces while also creating magic or sparkle to a space,” said Emily. “We can enhance any theme, or help assist a client with line or elevation drawings to truly conceptualize a space. Our mantra is to create natural ambiance anywhere. For example, we can go to a beach or the middle of the woods and transform it to a magical place.”

Emily has turned a beautiful branch into a truly unique business. With a motto of “I’m sticking to sticks,” she has created an art from nature without ever giving up on her passion for something exquisite.


Knights photo

Knights of the Roundabout Table