Incorporating Your Trend Style Into Your Next Event

By Kate Patay
Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, Creative Coverings

So many options!!!! Do you envision a boho-chic event? Or a classic romantic wedding? Perhaps a contemporary black tie affair? Or a beach party where every guest gets personalized flip flops? There are so many options out there, so how do you figure out what fits for you? And what will still look good in your pictures in 20 years?!

That last one always makes me laugh… that was a lesson we learned in the 80s. You can look at a photo from a wedding in 1984 and guess the decade without hesitation. That’s not what you want to see when you look back on at your big day or your events, so choosing more timeless elements that speak to you are key. Fads come and go, so find ways to incorporate the looks you love without them dominating your entire event.

When looking at colors you can turn to the color experts at Pantone to see which colors are trending for the upcoming year. This is also an amazing resource for matching colors properly. The difference in coral vs. salmon or mint vs. pistachio is bigger than you think, so when communicating colors to your partners who are helping with the event, knowing the exact color helps. This is important in both social and corporate events. If you have to match a corporate sponsor’s logo with linens, you want to make sure you are as close as possible, and knowing the Pantone number will help you to accomplish that.

Pantone2 2


Every year, Pantone comes out with top colors for Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter and also chooses a color of the year. This year they selected 2 colors as their top picks – Serenity, a cool hued blue, and Rose Quartz, a soft blush pink. If you would like to know what colors are trending at any given time you can watch their website. There are also a few tricks to seeing what the next top colors will be…

  1. Watch magazine headers – the color behind the title or the actual title is the header. As you stand in line at the grocery store, you can see a pattern in them monthly… as you can see from the pics below.
  2. See what is on the runways – What did Kendall and Gigi wear for the Marc Jacobs show? What color dominated the runways?
  3. Check the red carpets– Oscars anyone? The Met Gala, The Grammy’s — these are all great spots to see what colors are hot! Is the red carpet dominated by soft pastels? Or bold, vivid jewel tones?
  4. HGTV – A lot of event trends come straight from home and garden shows. Elements of interior design are brought into events constantly, so use fun touches you see on TV or in those magazines!

Having trouble deciding on which colors to pair up? Check what our friends at Design Seeds are inspired by. And the key thing to remember is that no matter what the trends are, you should stay true to yourself and choose what you love!

Happy Planning!

Kate Patay, CPCE, is the Executive Director of Creative Coverings Specialty Linens, NACE National Secretary/Treasurer, SEARCH Foundation Director, SEPA Advisor and Lecturer at The International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas. She’s been a recognized industry professional for nearly 20 years in many facets of special events.


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