Five Catering Tips To Make Your Occasion Memorable

Catering Tips

Planning an event can be stressful even for the most organized of hosts. Hiring a caterer is key to having a stress-free day with delicious cuisine and drinks to enjoy. While it may be true that hiring a caterer for a wedding is important, there are plenty of occasions where a caterer can help create a true culinary experience and an unforgettable event. Creative catering can make even the smallest of events a fond memory for you and your guests to remember!

1. Wedding: Planning is Key

Getting married can be stress-free depending on one thing: do you have a good caterer? When you choose a catering service for your wedding, you are not only making your day run smoother but you are ensuring food is memorable, fresh and is prepared correctly. Having the right caterer is key if you want to have a flawless day, where all they have to do is celebrate and of course, serve a delicious meal. Having a good caterer is not only convenient but it means the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing your menu. Eat, drink and dance the night away – and if you’re hungry, the caterer will be ready with some late night snacks for you and your guests to relish.

2. Corporate: More Than Just A Meal

There are many benefits to having a caterer at your next corporate event, especially when deciding the event tone and atmosphere. Is your event casual and fun or are you looking for a more sophisticated event that provides room for networking and important business conversations? Coordinating an event and handling and serving the food can more challenging than you think in order to make the right impression. Having a caterer does not only reduce your responsibility when it comes to accommodating dietary needs — it also reinforces your reputation of being a knowledgeable and capable company. Take advantage of a caterer for small or large events with varied menus for your clients and employees to enjoy – and enjoy it with them.

3. Cocktail: Artisanal Experience

Finding the perfect cocktail is no small task. Every meal at any event needs a perfect cocktail (or mock-tail) to accompany it. Creating artisanal hand-crafted cocktails can be quite the task when trying to welcome guests and enjoy the party. Having a caterer that offers a full cocktail experience is the cherry on top to any event (or the olive in a martini!). Having a selection of drinks is no longer just red, white or on the rocks. Cocktail catering provides a new drink experience for you and your guests to enjoy and talk about. Experience the taste of a gimlet garnished with local organic cucumber, enjoy a fresh watermelon martini or let the caterer design a new mocktail to give your event that extra touch!

4. Small Bites: Tapas For The Win

Every menu tells a story and app-heavy catering is one you won’t want to miss. Endless next-level finger food is perfect for both small and large events. A variety of delicious small bites satisfies any event for the hungriest of guests. A small bites catering concept will keep your guests guessing what’s next in store. Sweet, savory or both, small bites are rich in flavor with something for everyone to enjoy. This catering style allows your guests to roam freely with a drink in one hand and an app in the other – perfect for spin on a traditional sit down event. Whether you call them tapas, small bites or appetizers, it’s safe to say these artfully arranged dishes with surprise your guests with their big flavor.

5. Buffet: A Foodie’s Comfort Zone

Choosing a menu is tough work but can be much easier when you have a caterer’s expertise in the mix. It’s safe to say that there’s no wrong option when you have an experienced caterer in different types of cuisine. A buffet with a variety of cuisines spanning all corners of the globe is the ultimate type of comfort food event. While it may not be best suited for every event, this type of catering can be perfect for foodies who want a limitless dining experience.

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