Clever Ways to Include More Vegetables in Your Diet

By: Morgan Vitti, Roundabout Meal Prep Assistant Program Director 

We’ve heard it time and time again, vegetables are important in our diets and provide us with a plethora of nutrients and health benefits. But what about those of us who don’t love vegetables? We want you to get the benefits from vegetables without worrying about the taste. Let’s jump right into 10 clever ways to include more vegetables in your diet.

#1 Smoothie it!

Time to pull out the blender. A breakfast smoothie with some greens blended in is a great way to start your morning. Or even as a pre or post gym snack. Oh yeah, and maybe even dessert? That’s right. Greens like avocado can go great with chocolate. Try making an avocado chocolate malt the next time you’re craving some dessert and I bet you won’t be disappointed.

#2 Scramble it!

Another great way to add veggies to your morning meal is scrambling it up. The next time you make some eggs in the morning try scrambling them up with vegetables like spinach, peppers, onion, tomatoes, etc. Even some minced broccoli or cauliflower added into your eggs can be a clever way to add not only some vegetables but also add some texture to your eggs.

#3 Sauce it!

This was one my mom always did when I was growing up. This is also a good way to sneak some vegetables into your kids, or let’s be honest, your husband’s dinner. Grating zucchini or squash into spaghetti sauce is a clever, and totally incognito way to add vegetables to a meal. You can also add pureed vegetables like carrots or squash to your sauce as well. If you are a little more daring, you can even remove the noodles from your pasta and replace them with spiraled zucchini or spaghetti squash.

#4 Cheese it!

As in “Mac n Cheese” it. Many vegetables can go good in mac n cheese like peas, broccoli, and spinach. And all that cheesy goodness can help mask the vegetable taste if you’re not a fan.

#5 Casserole it!

Who doesn’t love a homemade casserole? This is also an easy dish to add vegetables to.

#6 Lettuce Wrap it!

This doubles as a low carp option as well, whoop whoop! Ditch the bread on your next sandwich, burger, or even tacos and use lettuce instead. Adds some extra nutrients and even a little crunch!

#7 Bake it!

Did you know that you can make muffins, bread, and even cookies out of zucchini? We wouldn’t make something this good up. Pumpkin is another delicious addition to many baked goods. Get creative with it!

#8 Fry it!

And we don’t mean put them in a fryer. We mean turn them into literal fries with a light breading. Yep, cube up vegetables like carrots, green beans, zucchini, etc and bread them lightly and throw them in the oven.

#9 Chip it!

So many vegetables can be cut up, drizzled in oil, and tossed in the oven to be baked into veggie chips. Yum! And kid friendly!

#10 Soup it!

Add vegetables to your soup for a little added extra flavor and nutrients. If you want to be a little more incognito about the vegetables then try adding some puree carrot, sweet potato, or butternut squash puree to your chili or stew.


We hope this gives you new ideas to increase your vegetable intake, even if vegetables don’t flatter your taste buds.

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