Chef Colin’s Top 10 Kitchen Tools He Can’t Live Without

A good meal is like a symphony. At Roundabout Catering, flavors and textures come together to create unique dining experiences. Food has the power to inspire nostalgia, bring people together and create new memories. There are thousands of dishes to be made, but they all have one thing in common: they can be created with the same set of tools. Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a casual weekend baker, here are 10 tools Chef Colin Smith recommends that every foodie must have in their kitchen.

1. Microplane

Add a little zest to your life… literally! A microplane is perfect for shredding, grating and zesting citrus fruits to add some oomph to your culinary creations. The best part? A microplane does all of this without adding any of the moisture from citrus. Chef Colin says he uses his microplane more than almost any other tool.

2. Wooden Spoon

There may be no greater relationship in life than that of a chef and their wooden spoon. “I love my spoon,” said Chef Colin. “It’s a close and deeply personal relationship.” Wooden spoons have been used for centuries and are perfect for any meal preparation because of their strength and heat tolerance.

3. Chef’s Knife

A good sharp blade is every chef’s knife in shining armor. High quality knives are ideal for chopping, slicing and mincing meat, vegetables, herbs and nuts. But, watch out for your fingers!

4. Chinois

Chef Colin says a chinois is what he uses to “reach the pinnacle of sexy in fine dining.” This utensil is perfect for straining custards, purees, soups and sauces and giving them a smooth texture. Better yet, it can also be used to lightly powder food with an ingredient of your choice to take your meal to the next level.

5. Bread Knife

As Chef Colin says, “it is hard to cut crusty french bread without this go-to item.” Bread knives have serrated teeth to cut bread gently and avoid crushing it. If you’re going to mess up the rest of the meal, at least get the bread right. Use a bread knife!

6. Long Tweezers

Tweezers are perfect at doing what tongs can’t. They pick up small items with precision, can flip and plate food with great grip, and work wonders when garnishing a dish!

7. Thermometer

There’s no greater letdown than overcooked or undercooked meat. Every kitchen needs a thermometer not only to avoid overcooking food but to make sure your dish isn’t served undercooked. Food safety is top priority for all chefs!

8. Paring Knife

A paring knife is no stranger to dirty work. This utensil gets “up close and personal” with your food to intricately cut, slice and dice anything under its blade, according to Chef Colin. If precision is the name, a paring knife is the game. 

9. Piano Whip

Sometimes, you just need to lighten up. A piano whip beats air into your ingredients and plays a crucial step in giving your food a light and airy texture. Chef Colin says, “you got to whip it, whip it good!”

10. Japanese Mandoline

Time is a rare and precious commodity. The Japanese mandoline knows that. This utensil makes getting even, precise cuts of vegetables a quick and easy process for any chef.

With these tools, you can be the conductor of every meal you make! Make sure you are using the right kitchen items to make cooking easier on yourself and get the most out of each dish.