As Seen on Fox 11: Steak, Arugula & Truffle Potatoes

This is a sure to be a summer favorite – Steak, arugula & truffle potatoes

It sounds intimidating, but it is not! According to Chef Colin, you just need the right ingredients.

Chef Colin likes a hangar steak because it of its rich, robust flavor. It is also not as fatty as a rib eye. You can get it at the butcher or a store such as Whole Foods.

Toss some arugula in a bowl, and add some crispy potatoes. Colin likes to bake them in the oven versus deep-frying them. Add some parmesan, a little bit of truffle oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Slice your steak, and then add your greens next to it. Toss a little bit of baby arugula on top of your steak slices for garnish, if you want to get a little fancy.