As Seen on Fox 11: Catering a Delicious Thanksgiving Meal

Do you want to take the day off but still have a delicious Thanksgiving meal?

Chef Colin shares with us the perfect Thanksgiving meal that Roundabout Catering is offering for T-day. See the segment here.

Whether you choose catering or decide to roast your turkey at home, consider making traditional sides with a twist.

At Roundabout Catering, we have prepared a delicious apple and sausage stuffing. We also paired a yummy organic turkey breast with Succotash of roasted butternut squash, bacon, green beans, kale and potatoes.

Celebrating the holidays has never been easier with Roundabout. Roundabout Grill, our restaurant inside the Whitney Peak Hotel in downtown Reno, also has a wonderful 3-course menu on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!