As Seen on Fox 11: Yummy Fall Recipes With Chef Colin Smith

Colin stops by Fox Reno to make Happy Belly Food.

One is a Butternut Squash Ragu. He sautéed bacon and caramelized onions, and then added roasted butternut squash and fresh spinach. Then he added Mary’s Roasted Chicken and added it on top, and topped it with a pine nut salsa, which consisted of a port wine infused with currant.

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 4.53.24 PM

Next, Colin made a vegetarian risotto with butternut squash, parmesan and caramelized onions. He used different rices for the risotto (pro tip: the key to risotto is lots of stirring to make the rice creamy). He added a little bit of sherry and topped it off with a fresh pea salad.